University Avenue Baptist Church, located in beautiful Manoa Valley, was organized in 1946. The church was located in an area of older homes near a low-cost housing project. Most of the early membership and Sunday School attendants came from the housing area.

The church emerged from the Baptist Bible Institute. The Mid-Pacific Institute’s former president’s home served as a meeting place for both the Bible Institute and church services. Through a generous grant from the Foreign Mission Board, the main building was constructed. An addition, the annex building, was financed by the members later. The newest building was completed in June 1993 after six years of planning and prayer, and nine months of construction at a cost of $450,000. The building was dedicated on July 4th as the Victor & Lee Koon Missions Building in honor of all the missionaries who came to Hawaii to proclaim the Good News of Christ. This building will assist the University Avenue Baptist Church to be on missions/ministry to our community on behalf of Christ.

Missionaries expelled from Asia during World War II figured largely in the beginning of the Baptist work in Hawaii. Among those ministering with University Avenue Baptist Church were Dr. and Mrs. Lindell Harris, Dr. and Mrs. H.B. Ramsour, Miss Cornelia Leavell, and Dr. and Mrs. Victor Koon.