Yes, you can read and study the Bible alone, but most “Bible Study” examples found in the New Testament are groups who met together in homes or other places.  Throughout Church history, the role of groups has been vital.  It is the place where community is established and where deep truths are taught.  It has been called Sunday School, Small Groups, Home Groups, Bible Study Groups, and Cell Groups, but they are all forms of groups creating community and fellowship and learning.  Join a group for Bible Study this Sunday.
There are a variety of excellent classes to choose from in deepening your walk with the Lord.  Pick up a brochure at the entrance of the church sanctuary.  There’s something for everyone… from babies, kids, teens, college and senior citizens.
Bible Study Groups are held for an hour, every Sunday from 10:45 am to 11:45 am.  See you there!
Join us for worship each Sunday at 9:15 AM!