Because of God’s Great Love

Dr. Chris Irving, Pastor
I remember one of the coolest gifts I received as a kid was my remote-control dirt car. It was jet-black with yellow, blue, and white racing stripes. The wide back tires could kick up dirt in the competitions face. I’m certain it could have jumped the Grand Canyon if it had been a part of the racetrack. Ok…I’m exaggerating quite a bit, but it was a great gift. My son’s 7th birthday was a great day for him as he received his very first remote-control car. My experience, and his experience were quite similar in the fact that neither of our cars worked right out of the box, and neither one of us could figure out why. Questions raced through our minds just as fast as the car was supposed to run, but with few solutions we were left with the thoughts of what could have been.
But then…the solution presented itself when someone else stepped in and offered us power. For me, it was my dad, and for Ben it was me. Once the car received the battery pack, fully charged and properly inserted, there was no stopping in sight. That story reminds me of our verse today. We all are in desperate need of life-change because sin took control of our lives. In fact, you will remember that Paul says we were “dead in our trespasses and sins.” Just like that remote-control car without batteries, without God’s loving intervention, we are powerless, lifeless. But because of God’s great (BIG, HUGE, THE BIGGEST IN THE UNIVERSE EVER) love, He provided the way for us to come to life. Not because of who we are, or where we are from, or anything that might find merit before Him, but simply by His mercy and grace.
We might have questions about this Christmas and Advent season, and about how this 2020 season is different because of COVID, but even if COVID wasn’t a thing, you’d still need the love of God to bring you life through His love. Do you know the love of God today through the person of Jesus Christ? Is He your source of power filling you with His offering of abundant life?