Faith In God’s Story

Brent Young, Associate Pastor of Students & Outreach
We can have faith in God’s big picture and His-story that has past as will come to pass. We don’t have to worry about the conclusion of this story, since we know that God created the world with a purpose and has not forgotten His benevolent and perfect plans. Despite God’s people often losing sight of Him, His people being trimmed down and persecuted through time, and even when things seem bleak, God’s people will always remain and be victorious in the end.
Unlike any king in history, God will provide our Messianic King who will return and rule perfectly. He will be a new kind of king, from the line of Jesse, who was King David’s father, and the ancestor of King Jesus. He will possess three main attributes that will enable Him to rule in a just, effective, and perfect manner. He will be wise, an able counselor, and loyal to God. We can long for the omniscient and omnipotent rule that will never fail us.
The second half of this passage paints such a utopian and exciting picture that we all long for as we continue towards the last things in world history. As we anticipate Jesus Messiah’s return, to usher in the end times, we long for the return of things to their initially created state that God said was “good”, before sin entered and began to corrupt and distort everything. We have faith that God will return things to state where we will not have to fear anything. The most vulnerable young animals and children will be forever safe from the most vicious and dangerous things in the current world. All will be “glorious” and we will live in this new Kingdom of God forever.