His Love Is An Invitation

Dr. Chris Irving, Pastor
I vividly remember the time I discovered what fun can be had with a magnifying glass, sunlight, and dried leaves and sticks. When you have a magnifying glass and hold it up to focus sunlight on a dried leaf, or dry piece of wood, it won’t take long until you set the leaf or piece of wood on fire. Charles Spurgeon asked this question, “Now, while you see the wood burning to ashes, will you tell me what it is that burns? Does the heat of the sun burn the wood or does the wood burn? The heat that you feel while the wood is burning, is it due to the sun or the wood? Of course, at first the fire is purely and simply the flame of the sun, but afterwards the wood itself begins to burn; the sun burns the wood and then the wood itself burns.”
The challenge of this last week of Advent is to figure out what do we do with the love God has miraculously lavished upon us? The love of God is clearly displayed in the sending of Jesus, it is through Jesus the love of God comes into our hearts and our lives. Through the life-changing love and grace of God, our hearts must display this love. One of the greatest commands God gave is the calling to love one-another as He loves. We follow Jesus and love Jesus because He first loved us and gave Himself for us. As we follow Jesus, we are called to love BIG like Jesus. That love of God sparks the fire that burns in our hearts. Not only does that keep our hearts set a blaze for Christ, but it also keeps us in the love of God. Finally, as we grow in that love, our expectation of His second appearing grows exponentially. Pray and ask God to give you the opportunity to love one another as He first loved you and sent Jesus as the proof of that love. His love is an invitation.