Joyful Transformation

Meredith Palicte, Worship & Internationals Minister
A few days ago our family was taking the scenic drive along the East side of the island. The stretch from Hanauma Bay to Makapuu takes my breath away every single time. As we were driving, we were listening to a worship album and the song “Great Are You Lord” happened to be playing right as we rounded the curve past Hanauma Bay and saw the magnificent blue waters crashing against the cliffs. The bridge says “All the earth will shout your praise, our hearts will cry these bones will sing ‘Great are You Lord!’” As we sang along while admiring God’s beautiful creation, I was in awe of how even the oceans and mountains praise the Lord.
It’s incredible to think that the beautiful waves crashing in Hanauma Bay are in the very place that a fiery volcanic eruption once took place. This passage in Isaiah says that even the desert and wilderness will rejoice and blossom. Even the most dry and desolate places will burst into bloom and “shout for joy.” (v.2)
I love this picture of God’s transforming power- to take something dry and desolate and make it beautiful. Verses 3-7 go on to give examples of God’s radical transformation. He makes feeble hands steady, those who fear will not be afraid, the eyes of the blind will see, the deaf will hear, the lame will leap, the mute will speak, the dry ground will bubble with water.
Transformation leads to joyful celebration. How has God transformed you or someone you know? Where do you see evidence of God’s transformation? If you have time this week, I encourage you to go on a scenic drive somewhere on the island. Play worship music, roll the windows down, and take a moment to notice the way that creation rejoices and invites us to do the same.