Never-Ceasing Faithfulness

Brent Young, Associate Pastor of Students & Outreach
Have you ever heard God speak to you? Whatever your beliefs are on how we currently hear from God, one thing we can all agree upon is that God still speaks into our lives generally as well as specifically in our very personal and active relationship with Him. Isaiah and other Biblical prophets were messengers who heard directly from God and conveyed it to the people. May God help us be open, humble, and intentional to be listening for His Words and direction or correction.
One thing that is clear and constantly demonstrated in Scripture is that God neverabandons His people. Even when times are difficult, we know God is faithful and loves us. In this passage God’s people were wandering in the wilderness again after leaving Babylonian captivity, just as they were after Egyptian captivity, and just as we all are in our own ways in this difficult life in our currently sinful world. But we should be comforted that however long or difficult times may be, God will let nothing stand in the way of His plans, nor is it even possible for anything to block them and His final will. And we can all have faith that God wants to help us prepare ourselves, both in our physical lives as well as spiritual, for the “way of the Lord” and what that specifically looks like for each of us. Eventually many people in the Old Testament period got to see God’s glory revealed in Christ Jesus, and we look forward to the glorious day when we will all enter into God’s eternal presence in Heaven.
When Isaiah says “for the mouth of the Lord has spoken”, it’s hard not to remember Jesus’ words “truly truly I say to you…”There will never be a time where God will cease to exist, cease to love us, cease to speak into our lives, or cease to be faithful.