Praise Him All Creatures

Dr. Chris Irving, Pastor
I read the story of a little 5-year-old girl who attended her church pre-school. Each day before the kids were dismissed; the teacher would lead the class in singing the Doxology. This little girl loved to sing this beautiful song. But is often the case with little ones, she used her own lyrics, “Praise God from whom all blessings flow. Praise Him all creatures, here we go!” I love her creativeness. This week, we focus our hearts on God’s love in the sending and appearing of Christ Jesus. God’s love displayed in the sending of Jesus is one of the great truths and doctrines we celebrate during advent. Psalm 136:1 remind us that our God, YHWH, is the exact representation and expression of covenant faithfulness and love. Therefore we should give thanks to God for this marvelous and extravagant love.
First, notice that His love is “faithful.” The faithfulness of God defined as the doctrine that God will always do what He has said and fulfills what He has promised. It is God’s guarantee of goodness in Psalm 136, and His guarantee of forgiveness for those who call on Him in Psalm 86:5. The Advent season directs our hearts to understand and experience that God’s guarantee of goodness and forgiveness is completely fulfilled in Jesus Christ.
Second, notice the thrust behind His goodness and forgiveness is His love. This love references God’s covenant faithfulness to His people. It speaks of God’s loyalty to Israel, and now to those who call on Jesus Christ as Lord, the Church. There is no place in time before or after, where God displayed His love than at the Cross. Let us give thanks and praise our God this Advent season for the covenant faithfulness of our God…and yes… Praise Him all creatures, HERE WE GO!