There’s A Hum In Your House

Hey, families! We are 8 months into this strange season. Your days have been filled with screens, tantrums, laughter, boredom, and family bonding. You have been juggling so much during this time! In some ways, this quarantine season has gone by quickly (Can you believe it already November?), but I know there are some days, weeks, and months that have felt like years. 
A parent has an average of 936 weeks between a child’s birth and graduation from high school. We have spent the last 34 of those weeks doing church, life, school, and work differently. As you prepare for the holidays, my prayer is that your family will re-evaluate your daily rhythms. How do your daily rhythms reflect your beliefs of who God is? What do they reveal about what you truly value? Every household has a hum. What has been the hum of your home over the last 34 weeks? 
I believe parents are the primary caretakers of a child’s faith. Jesus told a parable about seeds falling on different kinds of soil (Matthew 13). One of my quarantine hobbies has been diving deeper into gardening. I’ve learned that cultivating good soil takes a lot of work, sweat, and diligence. The same is true about the “soil” you are caring for as you train up your child.
In many ways, I wish we could snap our fingers and go back to normal–to Sunday School classes, preteen group, multi-generational gatherings, Sticky Saturdays, and everything in between. One the kindnesses of God I continue to circle back on, is the kindness of the gift of extra time and space. Most of our regularly scheduled extra-curricular activities are cancelled. Drive-by birthday parties take 1/20th the time as normal parties. How has your family filled this extra time? I read once that God gives us enough time in each day to do everything He commands us to do. Before you pull out your Christmas decorations, I encourage you to do some sorting of your family’s daily and weekly habits. 

One of the biggest joys of being your family minister, is continuing to try new ways to partner with you as you lead your child to know and love Jesus. Over the next few weeks, I am going to try a new format for the Family Worship portion of our Parent’s Page. Instead of one family worship video, you will find multiple resources your family can access throughout the week: A lesson to help prepare your hearts for Thanksgiving, a video of worship songs you family can sing and dance to, tech-free activities, Scripture memory videos, a lesson to help prepare your older kids for Christmas, and a God Wow family devotion. Instead of 1 longer family worship video, there are now 6 short videos that can be used in whatever way best serves your family. In addition to this is the Minute With God devotional I hope your family is using each day this month. Check out this video of the Palcites doing today’s devotional:

Dani Beth Crosby
Family & Communications Minister