Worship Through Prayer

To worship is to show reverence and adoration for God. Often times when we hear the word “worship” we automatically think about singing. While singing is one way that we express our adoration for God, worship encompasses more than lifting our voices in song. One way that we worship is through corporate prayer. At UABC, we will often say a prayer of confession together. This is a part of our worship because we are coming together as God’s body to examine our hearts and confess the ways that we have sinned against him.

We have been studying John 4 where Jesus tells the Samaritan woman that all true worshipers must worship God in “spirit and in truth.” That means that true worship takes place on the inside- in the heart or spirit of the worshiper. By confessing our sins, we worship in spirit and truth.

I have missed singing with you the past 9 weeks, but I have also missed praying with you. So today instead of sharing music, I wanted to share this prayer of confession. Find a quiet moment today to be still before God and to pray these words out loud. You can do this together with your family, or on your own. Take the time to really ponder what you are saying and ask God to examine your heart and reveal any unconfessed sin to you (Ps. 139:23-24). This prayer comes from “The Valley of Vision,” a book of Puritan prayers, and is entitled, “The Precious Blood.”


Before thy cross I kneel and see the heinousness of my sin, my iniquity that caused thee to be ‘made a curse,’ the evil that excites the severity of divine wrath.


Show me the enormity of my guilt by the crown of thorns, the pierced hands and feet, the bruised body, the dying cries.


Thy blood is the blood of incarnate God, its worth infinite, its value beyond all thought.

Infinite must be the evil and guilt that demands such a price.


Sin is my malady, my monster, my foe, my viper, born in my birth, alive in my life, strong in my character, dominating my faculties, following me as a shadow, intermingling with my every thought, my chain that holds me captive in the empire of my soul.


Sinner that I am, why should the sun give me light, the air supply breath, the earth bear my tread, its fruits nourish me, its creatures subserve my ends?


Yet thy compassions yearn over me, thy heart hastens to my rescue, thy love endured my curse, thy mercy bore my deserved stripes.


Let me walk humbly in the lowest depths of humiliation, bathed in thy blood, tender of conscience, triumphing gloriously as an heir of salvation.


Assurance of Pardon:

Now, hear the Good News! Christ died for us, Christ rose for us, Christ reigns in power for us, Christ prays for us. Anyone who is in Christ is a new creation. The old life has gone; a new life has begun. Believe the good news of the gospel: In Jesus Christ You are forgiven! Thanks be to God! Through Jesus Christ we are forgiven.